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I'm a San Francisco-based illustrator whose work is influenced by my love of natural history, vintage book illustration, and weird science. I studied drawing and painting at the California College of the Arts, and spent my early career working in-house, illustrating and art directing for science publishers. Now freelancing, my clients include:

Macmillan, Scientific American, Nature,

The Field Museum of Natural History,  

Science Friday, Storey Publishing, Cengage, Pearson, Reef Check, The Scientist, Cosmos,

The San Franciscan, Australian Geographic, and Bay Nature. You can read about my work process on my guest post for Scientific American.


kelly AT klmurphyillustration DOT COM

kelly AT murphyscienceart DOT COM


Note that there is a fantastically talented New York Times best-selling children's book author and illustrator (and winner of a gazillion illustration awards) also named Kelly Murphy. Her lovely work can be seen here. 

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